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Overland Transportation

Takhlees Cargo Services is highly expertized in managing overland transportation of foods, industrial heavy materials across GCC, Asia, West Africa, Europe. All sorts of complex transportation for large projects handled by experienced & knowledgeable dedicated personnel’s who are committed researching all options, surveying potential problems and reacting to extraordinary circumstances with quick and decisive actions.

Air Sea Land (Multimodal Freight Solutions)

At times when all the modes of transport is mandatory, Takhlees Cargo Services’s multimodal Air Sea Land solution is the answer. By combining the lower cost of all the above freight and importantly the speed, we are committed to deliver on time , at a highly competitive price.

Freight Forwarding

We provide door-to-door Freight Forwarding Solutions by Sea, Air, Land & Air Sea Land as our specialty.

With our dedicated customer service, advanced documentation, tracking and data warehousing, you literally see the quality, timeliness and every milestone that matters to the successful processing of your shipment. Complimented by its in-house Brokerage department, with on-line customs processing, Takhlees Cargo Services gives customers a one-stop facility for all their shipping requirements.

Why Choose Us


TCS has dedicated team of professionals from the Logistics and Shipping industry who spent their career providing consultancy and services across the world handling complex freight and supply chain management.


We give importance to the service aspect and are focused on reaching out to more volume of clients.Our rates for the client investment are planned in manner that the client gets maximum ROI for the investments.


We trust in our team of experts and our policy is to ensure attending every call of our valuable clients 24/7 to attend to their concerns and queries. You can always reach us to get an update on the status of your shipment or other concerns and we assure you of our response in minimum possible time.

Note: Tracking option by way of entering your receipt number is under construction and would be provided soon.


TCS maintains a policy of dedicated and focused services ranging from Air Freight, Sea freight, Overland transportation, customs consultation , Import and export clearance thus ensuring a consolidated service focused on diverse activities catering to the requirement of different industries as per government norms and industry standards.